Cotton Candy Cuties Tik Tok Challenge!

2020-ж., 21-мар.
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This video is an ad for Zuru. The new Cotton Candy Cuties with glitter sparkle looks so real and smells so good! This scented, squishy fun slime comes in four awesome colors, stretches over 3000% in size, and come with collectible slow-rise cuties! Cotton Candy Cuties are available now!
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Dollar General:
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Today Francesca and Leah will introduce a TikTok challenge using Cotton Candy Cuties hoping we can get this TikTok trending. But we need your help. The rules are simple. Create the longest Cotton Candy Cuties slime and post it to TikTok.10 people with the longest slime will get a follow and shoutout on TikTok. The winners will be announced in 30 days. Just use the #CottonCandyCutiesChallenge in the caption and tag our TikTok @francescaandleah along with @minibrands.official Let's make this TikTok trend!!!
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